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Wireless systems cover a wide variety of applications - many shown in this photo. They all have to coexist in spectrum and space. (Boston MA)


MSS is the consulting practice of Michael Marcus, Sc.D., F-IEEE, a veteran of more than 25 years of spectrum policy deliberations, pioneer of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth regulation, experienced in regulatory bodies in 3 continents, and a pioneer in innovative issues solutions to spectrum for new technologies. We are located in the Washington DC area.

Our focus is in solving problems in ways that allow new technologies to reach the market where customers can decide their future. Using our technical background and regulatory experience we seek to turn "zero sum" problems into win-win solutions where new technologies can have market access without disrupting incumbents.

Our focus is radio spectrum, the foundation of wireless services. These wireless services, in turn, have large industries involved in manufacturing and service provision. But they also form a key infrastructure that enhances our public safety and stimulates economic growth throughout our economy.

Where cutting edge radio technologies
get the spectrum policy answers
to become real products!

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Pending Presentations

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Will present short course on
"A Hands-on Approach to Spectrum Regulation for Innovative Microwave Engineers"

Will cochair & speak at special Executive Panel on
Recent News in Millimeterwave Regulations & Standards for Fixed & Mobile Use

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Keynote address at
10th International Conference on Communications and Networking in China
August 15–17, 2015
Shanghai, PRC

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