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Wi-Fi in UK Pubs

SpectrumTalk readers may not have a high correlation with readers of Morning Advertiser, “the pub trade’s favourite” from the UK, so here is some recent news from there courtesy of Bob Horvitz’s openspectrum.info’s clipping service. As we approach May 9th, the 25th anniversary of the Docket 81-413 decision that enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Morning Advertiser reports on on howWi-Fi is revolutionizing UK’s pubs. Another major accomplishment for FCC!

Not so long ago, free Wi-Fi access gave pubs an edge. Now it’s increasingly expected by a wide range of customers, reports Robyn Lewis.

It was McDonald’s that started it all really, with its offer of free Wi-Fi in most of its 1,200 UK outlets back in 2007. Now there’s not just Starbucks, Pret A Manger and Krispy Kreme offering free access, but also Slug & Lettuce, JD Wetherspoon — and now Punch Taverns has teamed up with internet provider The Cloud to install Wi-Fi in at least 1,000 of its locations by September 2010 as well.

Like it or not, new-fangled Wi-Fi is becoming as much a part of a standard pub offer as ice and a slice — and if you haven’t cottoned onto this yet, it’s time to start thinking about it before you get left behind.

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