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FCC Acts on SpectrumTalk Criticism of Excellence in Engineeing Awards

In 2008, this blog had an item entitled “Excellence in Engineering: Why the Secrecy at FCC?” that asked why these awards recognizing excellent engineering work at FCC were given in secrecy while the parallel award for economists was usually announced publicly. In 2009 the awards were announced at a Commission meeting, but never released in writing. The secrecy for these awards has been a recurring theme here at SpectrumTalk. In some years, our spies inside FCC have leaked the names of award recipients and we have recognized them here.

It appears that finally FCC will give public recognition for outstanding work by its engineers.


The presentation took place at the 8/9/11 Commission meeting, but there was no written announcement of the 5 names. Since some of the names have unusual spellings, I am reluctant to give them here for fear of making an error. (The person doing the meeting video captioning apparently did not have a list either and just gave up when some names were announced.) The announcement starts at 49:00 on the video of the meeting and the names and nature of the award winning work are announced at 54:30-58:30 on the video.

An FCC source has provided the names of the award winners - exclusively reported here:
  • Chris Andes (WTB)
  • Palash Barua (EB)
  • Chris Miller (WTB)
  • Michael Mullinix (IB)
  • George Tannahill (OET)
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