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CommLawBlog Uncovers Secretive FCC Program "to correct the rampant problem of high tech know-nothingism"

My fellow bloggers at CommLawBlog have scooped me again! Perhaps having a whole telecom law firm behind them gives them an unfair advantage over the much smaller operation here at Marcus Spectrum Solutions.

In a post on April 1, 2012, CommLawBlog revealed that FCC is at last “the Commission is taking aggressive steps to correct the rampant problem of high tech know-nothingism.”

In their exclusive scoop CommLawBlog reported,

“It seems that Nationwide Online Information Tracking and Logistics System (NOITALS) enables the Commission to see what’s going on in each individual computer, nationwide, without the intervention of the computer’s user.Details are scarce, but from what the FCC says, NOITALS gives the Commission real-time access to all activities of any Internet-connected computer (or mobile device) when its Internet connection is operational, including (but not necessarily limited to) all details relevant to its access to the Internet. Think websites visited, searches conducted, emails sent, etc.”

We are chagrined that we missed this key news. We promise readers that next April 1, we will keep a keen eye out for such news so we can scoop CommLawBlog.

In other news of April 1, here is an exciting new service announcement from WestJet, a Canadian airline we actually used recently. They are now offering flights without children in the cabin to disturb adult passengers. What a great idea!

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