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Nokia Cognitive Radio Animation

In the middle of Docket 04-186, TV white space rulemaking, MSTV distributed DVDs of a video, “You Neighbor’s Static” alleging to explain the horrendous consequences of the FCC’s proposals. Sadly, MSTV seems to have withdrawn that video from their website although a vestige remains. MSTV - please repost it for archival value! (If anyone has a DVD of the MSTV video, could you consider posting it to YouTube yourself. I will gladly post a link)

In continuing the oversimplification of the issues, this time from the other side, Nokia has now contributed the video shown above and even made it available on YouTube. MSTV never did that!

Now, Nokia did a better production job than MSTV and is more accurate. However, they got a little carried away with the content and have CR as a cure for many ills. They even claim CR can “enroll your child in a school”. Gee, I went to Singapore for DySPAN in April and nobody mentioned that!

CR has many benefits, although enrolling your children in school is unlikely to be one of them. The fact that Nokia, a pretty establishment company with CTIA members as clients is now openly in favor of it is a positive sign. Maybe all the affected parties can start talking constructively about how to achieve the benefits in a win-win fashion and move away from the types of alarmist positions MSTV took in the past.

Thanks to David Witkowski of the Wireless Communications Alliance, the California-based WCA and the original user of those initials, for pointing this video out to me.
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