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Belgian Comedy Group Strikes Back at Poor Cellular Company Customer Service

The State We’re In” program on NPR Saturday had a hilarious piece about a prank by the Belgian comedy group Basta to strike back at the Belgian cellular operator Mobistar for their (allegedly) consistently bad customer service.

Here is a description of what happened from funcrunch.com

Everyone of us who enjoys having that magical gadget cell phone with him or her has gone through the exercise of calling to a mobile phone company like Mobistar and the response is same at every company; if you need this press that, if you need that press this, if you need to talk press this, if you need to write press that, and so on with endless musical intervals that make you so irritated that you do not want to listen to that kind of music in your daily life as it reminds you of the irritation that was caused by the mobile phone company while putting you on a hold.

Guys from VRT Belgium turned the tables on Belgium’s much reviled company Mobistar when they played a practical prank by putting a steel container in the gates of the Mobistar at 5 AM on 22 December. The staff comprising of three and camera crew was inside the container to take the calls from the bothered Mobistar employees.

Then begins the long episode of the replication of what companies like Mobistar do to their customers. If you need to accept these containers press this and if you need to reject this container press that and so on. They guys kept the prank well above three hours while 2000 Mobistar employes were lining in their vehicles waiting for the disposal of the container.

The YouTube video at the top of this post has subtitles of the interaction between the pranksters and Mobistar.

Hopefully US cellular carriers are not as bad as Mobistar, although all of us have stories about odd interactions with customer service of telecom firms. SpectrumTalk does not endorse the actions of Basta shown in this video.
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