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US Spectrum Policy Reform Needs - 1: End 5G Tunnel Vision

This is the first of a series of posts on urgent spectrum policy reforms needed at FCC and NTIA to improve US spectrum policy for economic growth, societal benefit, and increased security.

The Trump Administration exacerbated a previous problem with too much focus on 5G issues to the detriment of all other spectrum policy issues - even one that did not compete with 5G's spectrum band appetite and did not pose either interference threats or market threats to cellular carriers.

Specific suggestions:

  • As presently organized, WTB has 4 deputy bureau chiefs. Designate one of these with responsibility for spectrum policy decisions other than 5G that do not adversely affect 5G and give that deputy delegated authority to make decisions on WTB on such issues on a "manage by exception " basis with respect to the bureau chief - including authority to send agenda items to the Commission.

GPS/Ligado & the 2020 NDAA