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From FCC to White House

Kevin Martin came from the White House to FCC. But apparently the route is a two way street. Today the White House announced that Steven L. VanRoekel, former FCC Managing Director had been selected as Federal Chief Information Officer and Administrator, Office of Electronic Government, Office of Management and Budget. The White House gave the following bio:

Steven L. VanRoekel is currently the Executive Director of Citizen and Organizational Engagement at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Before moving to USAID in 2011, he served as Managing Director of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where he oversaw all operational, technical, financial, and human resource aspects of the agency. He also led the FCC's efforts to introduce new technology and social media into the agency. Mr. VanRoekel worked at Microsoft Corporation from 1994 to 2009, most recently as the Senior Director for the Windows Server and Tools Division. He received a B.A. in Management of Information Systems from Iowa State University.

NYTimes added the following details

Mr. VanRoekel worked for Microsoft for 15 years, including a stint as an assistant to Bill Gates, the co-founder. Mr. VanRoekel was a supporter of President Obama, attended the inauguration, and after a conversation with Julius Genachowski, the new chairman of the F.C.C., went to work for him.

Oddly, when he left FCC there were staff rumors that he fell out of favor because of the controversy over the new FCC website, which your blogger had defended. Clearly either such rumors are wrong or he is still in favor in other circles.
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