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keitai straps:
Japan's Creative Aftermarket for Cellphones

keitai strap
Wikipedia describes “phone strap” as:

A phone strap, cell phone strap, or mobile phone strap, was originally a string or loop to help the user hold their cell phone, which was invented and became popular in Japan where they are known as "keitai straps" (携帯ストラップ) in Japanese. Phone straps have now become a cultural phenomenon beyond their basic utilities, and they may be decorated or themed with famous characters such as animation heroes or Hello Kitty. Phone straps may also have additions to add additional functions such as detecting ghosts, carrying medicine pills or mobile gardening.

keitai strap2
These gadgets use the hole that exist near the top of most cellphones and are attached there. A few perform useful functions, most are purely decorative. They cost $5 and up in Japan, some get quite expensive.

They appeal greatly to teenagers in Japan but are found on most cellphone regardless of the age or gender of the owner. The one at the top is more appropriate for a man, while the ones at left would be for a teenager. Surf over to
strapya-world.com for an English website that sells these irresistible toys for your cellphone.

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