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"Media Bureau Restored" - CommLawBlog

The investigative reporters at our fellow blogger, CommLawBlog, have revealed that the FCC’s Media Bureau ceased operating in October 2011 due to a computer snafu. Apparently with all the attention on getting more spectrum for the cellular operators no one noticed! But in a low key PN hidden in FCC’s voluminous poorly organized website today, shown above, the Commission admitted the problem and said that it has now been solved. The bureau is now back in operation!


In another unexpected announcement today, Comm. Pai tweeted that the White House has asked him to replace Chmn. Genachowski. Congratulations Commissioner! Obviously SpectrumTalk was not the only place where your strong view on Section 7 and technical innovation was noticed and appreciated!

On other news fronts, our friends WestJet - the fun Calgary-based airline - has now eased restrictions on pets in the cabin with its new "furry family" program. Westjet announced:

Effective today we are easing restrictions on pets travelling in the cabin. All WestJet flights will now allow for any type of animal to travel in the cabin provided it fits safely on board the aircraft. Further, we will no longer require animals to be kept in kennels while on board the aircraft.

"We recognize that a growing number of families want to travel with their 'extended' family and we are proud to be the first airline to offer this type of service," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet's Vice-President, Communications and Community Relations.

"Today, the definition of the family pet has grown to include animals beyond a dog or a cat and our more liberal approach will allow these guests and all their pets to move freely about the cabin."

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