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FCC is Hiring Engineers!

The log jam is finally broken and FCC has finally started hiring engineers again! Although in the FCC’s own myopic way they continue to do the minimally required advertising so no one on the outside knows about the vacancies.

Also at this late point in the academic year, FCC has done no recruiting of graduating seniors in engineering. Thus FCC appears to be missing an opportunity to hire entry level engineers for its career staff. But this is a perennial problem at FCC since they can’t even think about recruiting until every “t” is is crossed on the final budget for the year. Other agencies start recruiting in the beginning of the academic year and adjust the hiring numbers according to their budget later.

But since FCC won’t advertise these jobs, I thought I would help by posting the basic information and ask readers to share it with possible interested parties. I would love to just give a link to each job shown about, but the bizarre FCC website doesn’t permit that. So here is the basic information:

(Note that in a classic FCC personnel screwup, the third position is identified on the FCC website as shown at the top of this posting as for an “RF Specialist”. A review of the text of the job description shows that it is actually for a specialist in RF safety. This is corrected in the 2nd table which your blogger prepared.)

For more details go HERE.

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