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National Broadband Plan: Preview

FCC released today the executive summary of the National Broadband Plan (NBP).

Here is the spectrum-related material:

So I guess CTIA isn’t getting the 800 MHz they “demanded” - but did they ever really expect that much?

Letting broadcasters auction spectrum and keep some of the proceeds is an idea going back to OPP 38 in 2002 - a concept despised by the broadcast community, but a good idea nevertheless.

Opportunistic use and unlicensed spectrum are still in the running, but Docket 04-186 still seems to be on hold. Despite the adoption of rules, devices still can’t be sold pending further FCC action.

I clearly agree with this goal, but there needs to be a major improvement in FCC transparency and timeliness in resolving technical policy issues in spectrum. Note that Qualcomm was incorporated in July 1985 and was able to get the decision to permit the use of CDMA - a radical idea at the time - by 1988. FCC is no longer able to get anywhere close to this speed of decision making despite the 1 year mandate of Section 7 of the Communications Act.

FCC doesn’t have to approve all new technologies, but if it continually leaving them “twisting in the breeze” the financial community will lose all interest in financing bold new wireless technology companies like Qualcomm was 25 years ago.

“Mobile innovation” needs some major changes in FCC handling of new technologies and their regulatory issues.


The plan as released
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