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Doug Sicker Rejoins FCC as Chief Technologist

On June 30, FCC issued a press release stating,

Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced Douglas C. Sicker as Chief Technologist of the Commission. Dr. Sicker will reside in the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis and will advise the agency on technological issues.

“I am delighted that Dr. Sicker is returning to provide the FCC with his broad and deep knowledge about the communications networks and technologies of today and tomorrow,” said Chairman Genachowski. “His technical expertise will help the FCC pursue policies that spur investment, create jobs, promote innovation, and advance our nation’s global technology leadership.”

Currently Dr. Sicker is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a joint appointment in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program. He recently served on the Omnibus Broadband Initiative working on matters related to research and development.

I worked with Doug when he was at the FCC in the Hundt era and was very impressed with both his technical skills and his policy knowledge. I recently saw him in Singapore when he was general co-chair of the IEEE DySPAN conference. This is a great selection and I look forward to seeing Doug back in DC on a regular basis.


It seems common knowledge at FCC that Jon Peha, the incumbent Chief Technologist, will be going to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).
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