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Reed Hundt Radio Show

RadioInk announced recently that former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt has his own “radio show” on SiriusXM, Mondays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on SiriusXM Channel 111 and it's called "The Digital Show." The program is part of the Wharton Business Radio series. Actually he shares the hosting with Professors Kartik Hosanagar and Kevin Werbach and only hosts it once a month. Here is the description from SiriusXM:

How can you use the Internet to boost sales of your product? Can the principles of game play be applied to your business plan? What’s on the horizon in business hard and software, gaming and communication? (The hosts) bring their unparalleled knowledge of technology—the latest advances, the new ideas and the legal ramifications for you and your business.

The broadcast community was incensed during his chairmanship when he chose one year to go to a major ITU conference rather than kowtow to them at the annual NAB convention in Las Vegas, even though all the other commissioners would be going as well as every senior FCC staffer dealing with broadcast issues. Certainly affiliation with a “non broadcaster radio program” will further decrease his status at NAB. But I assume he doesn’t care and why should he?
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