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A Tale of 2 Regulatory Commissions

I posted yesterday on Public Knowledge’s blog, a post dealing with my recent impressions of the annual Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting for the public and its regulatees. It is fascinating to me how 2 different regulatory commissions take such different approaches to interacting with the public and transparency.

While I worked at FCC, a colleague used to criticize me for comparing FCC to NRC. But I guess it is OK now that the ex parte NPRM actually compares the two agencies in that area. Hope you surf over to the PK blog and see what I wrote there.

The PK post also includes a suggestion I made on the reboot.FCC.gov site to require conferences that host key FCC speakers to provide the FCC website with videos of the presentations in a timely way. Feel free to go to that site and blast the idea as hopeless naive or even possibly support it.
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